Regional organization and integration. Comparative law

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Treaty Conflict and the European Union

Jan Klabbers examines how membership of the European Union affect treaties concluded between the...

Health Systems Governance in Europe: The Role of European Union Law and Policy

Health Systems Governance in Europe

The Role of European Union Law and Policy


A comprehensive discussion of a number of current and emerging governance issues in EU health...

EU Consumer Law and Policy

This new edition of Stephen Weatherill's acclaimed book provides a comprehensive introduction to...

Clean Energy, Climate and Carbon

Outlines the global challenge of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

EU Public Procurement Law

''EU Public Procurement Law'' addresses one of the most important areas of European integration....

Principles of European Environmental Law

The precautionary principle, the polluters pay principle and similar principles have become embedded...

EU Public Procurement Law: Second Edition

In this fully revised and updated edition, Christopher Bovis provides a detailed, critical, concise...

Health Law and the European Union

Explores the various impacts of measures of EU law on national health law and policy.

Collective Dominance and Collusion: Parallelism in EU and US Competition Law

Collective Dominance and Collusion

Parallelism in EU and US Competition Law


By examining the issue of collusion in EU and US competition law, this book suggests possible...

Commercial Trusts in European Private Law

Sixth book in The Common Core of European Private Law series, examining trusts law.