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The Fall of France: The Nazi Invasion of 1940

The Fall of France

The Nazi Invasion of 1940

OUP Oxford (2003)

This new book by Julian Jackson, a leading historian of twentieth-century France, charts the...

The Course of French History
Taylor and Francis (1991)

This stimulating one-volume history traces the social and economic evolution of France as a nation...

The United States and the Making of Postwar France, 1945–1954
Cambridge University Press (1991)

A study of the American government's influence in France during the critical postwar period.

Traditional Enemies: Britain's War With Vichy France 1940-42

Traditional Enemies

Britain's War With Vichy France 1940-42

Pen and Sword (2013)

After the surrender of the French government in May 1940, the British were concerned that the...

The Politics of Depression in France 1932–1936
Cambridge University Press (2002)

This book examines debates about the formation of French economic policy during the Great...

Time for Outrage: Indignez-vous!
Grand Central Publishing (2011)

This controversial, impassioned call-to-arms for a return to the ideals that fueled the French...

The Fifth French Republic: Presidents, Politics and Personalities: A Study of French Political Culture
Taylor and Francis (1998)

The Fifth French Republic is a study of modern French politics and history, discussing the five...

France Since 1945
OUP Oxford (2002)

In the fifty years since the end of the Second World War, France has had to deal with the legacy of...

Martyrs and Murderers: The Guise Family and the Making of Europe

Martyrs and Murderers

The Guise Family and the Making of Europe

OUP Oxford (2011)

The pre-eminent political and religious power-brokers of sixteenth-century France, the Guises family...

Bourgeois Politics in France, 1945–1951
Cambridge University Press (1995)

This 1995 book is a pioneering study of the defence of French bourgeois interests and the nature of...