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The Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization

The Fall of Rome

And the End of Civilization

OUP Oxford (2005)

Why did Rome fall? Vicious barbarian invasions during the fifth century resulted in the cataclysmic...

Ancient Rome: An Anthology of Sources
Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. (2014)

"Terrific . . . exactly the sort of collection we have long needed: one offering a wide range of...

Lake Como & Its Surroundings
Hunter Publishing (2010)

Franz Liszt lived on Lake Como. Pliny and Virgil lived here as well in Roman times and they called...

Between Rome and Carthage: Southern Italy during the Second Punic War

Between Rome and Carthage

Southern Italy during the Second Punic War

Cambridge University Press (2010)

This book explores the relations of the Italian cities with Rome and Carthage during the Second...

The Roman Empire: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2006)

The Roman Empire was a remarkable achievement. With a population of sixty million people, it...

The Twelve Caesars
The Floating Press (2009)

De vita Caesarum, known as The Twelve Caesars , is a set of twelve biographies, each about one of...

The History of Rome
Andrews UK (2010)

This detailed history of Rome covers from the earliest times (including the foundation of the city)...

Augustus: The Life of Rome's First Emperor


The Life of Rome's First Emperor

Random House Publishing Group (2006)

He found Rome made of clay and left it made of marble. As Rome’s first emperor, Augustus transformed...

The Romans: From Village to Empire

The Romans

From Village to Empire

Oxford University Press (2004)

How did a single village community in the Italian peninsula eventually become one of the mightiest...

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Edited and Abridged): Abridged Edition
Random House Publishing Group (2009)

Edited, abridged, and with a critical Foreword by Hans-Friedrich Mueller Introduction by Daniel...