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Russia: A History, new edition
OUP Oxford (2002)

Now fully updated to 2001, this is an authoritative and highly readable introduction to a thousand...

Russia under Tsarism and Communism 1881-1953 Second Edition
Hodder Education (2011)

Depend on SHP's comprehensive and best-selling core texts to enrich your understanding of A Level...

A History of the Soviet Union from the Beginning to the End
Cambridge University Press (2006)

This book, first published in 2006, is an examination of political, social and cultural developments...

The Caucasus: An Introduction

The Caucasus

An Introduction

Oxford University Press (2010)

Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan and the breakaway territories within them constitute one of the...

Kremlin Rising: Vladimir Putin's Russia and the End of Revolution

Kremlin Rising

Vladimir Putin's Russia and the End of Revolution

Scribner (2005)

In the tradition of Hedrick Smith's The Russians, Robert G. Kaiser's Russia: The People and the...

Stalin: A New History
Cambridge University Press (2005)

In this 2005 study, leading international experts challenge many assumptions about Stalin from his...

Nicholas and Alexandra: The Classic Account of the Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

Nicholas and Alexandra

The Classic Account of the Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

Random House Publishing Group (2011)

The story of the love that ended an empire In this commanding book, Pulitzer Prize–winning author...

Alexander II: The Last Great Tsar
Free Press (2005)

Alexander II was Russia's Lincoln, and the greatest reformer tsar since Peter the Great. He was...

The Secret Holocaust Diaries: The Untold Story of Nonna Bannister

The Secret Holocaust Diaries

The Untold Story of Nonna Bannister

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (2009)

Nonna Bannister carried a secret almost to her Tennessee grave: the diaries she had kept as a young...

Armageddon Averted: The Soviet Collapse 1970-2000

Armageddon Averted

The Soviet Collapse 1970-2000

Oxford University Press (2003)

In this text, Stephen Kotkin shows that the Soviet collapse resulted not from military competition...