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King Hussein and the Challenge of Arab Radicalism: Jordan, 1955-1967

When the young Hussein became the King of Jordan in 1953, conventional wisdom held that his days...

Jordan in the 1967 War

This study considers the war from the Jordanian perspective.

Jordan: A Hashemite Legacy

Jordan (2nd ed.)

A Hashemite Legacy


Created as a mechanism for maintaining British influence through a local patron, Jordan’s future...

Tourism and Archaeological Heritage Management at Petra: Driver to Development or Destruction?

Once visited only by the cognoscenti of the ancient world, over the last decade Petra has drawn...

Jordan: Living in the Crossfire


Living in the Crossfire

Zed Books (2008)

Examines the important role that Jordan plays in the politics of the wider Middle East

Politics and Economy in Jordan

Jordan occupies centre stage in both Middle Eastern and Arabic politics, yet the kingdom itself is...

Jordanian-Israeli Relations: The Peacebuilding Experience

Jordanian-Israeli Relations

The Peacebuilding Experience


Jordan’s peace treaty with Israel was unique as it bore the promise of what was termed a "warm"...

British Military Intervention and the Struggle for Jordan: King Hussein, Nasser and the Middle East Crisis, 1955–1958

British Military Intervention and the Struggle for Jordan

King Hussein, Nasser and the Middle East Crisis, 1955–1958


Within two years of their abortive invasion of the Suez Canal zone in 1956, British troops once...

From the Wings: Amman Memoirs 1947-1951

From the Wings

Amman Memoirs 1947-1951


First Published in 1976. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Jordan in the Middle East, 1948-1988: The Making of Pivotal State

A collection of articles assessing Jordan's position in the region in light of its quest for...