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Japanese Women Writers: Twentieth Century Short Fiction: Twentieth Century Short Fiction
Taylor and Francis (2015)

"Here are Japanese women in infinite and fascinating variety -- ardent lovers, lonely single women,...

Murasaki Shikibu: The Tale of Genji
Cambridge University Press (2003)

This introduction to The Tale of Genji sketches the text's cultural background and offers an...

Australian Languages: Their Nature and Development

Australian Languages

Their Nature and Development

Cambridge University Press (2002)

Professor Dixon presents a comprehensive study of the indigenous languages of Australia.

The Devotion of Suspect X: A Detective Galileo Novel
St. Martin's Press (2011)

The first major English pubication of the award-winning work by one of Japan's best-loved and...

The Changeling
The Floating Press (2009)

Considered by critics to be one of the best tragedies of the English Renaissance, The Changeling was...

The Syntax of Chichewa
Cambridge University Press (2004)

This new book provides a comprehensive description of the major syntactic structures of Chichewa.

A History of South African Literature
Cambridge University Press (2004)

This book is a critical study of South African literature, from colonial and pre-colonial times...

Intro to Haiku: An Anthology of Poems and Poets from Basho to Shiki

Intro to Haiku

An Anthology of Poems and Poets from Basho to Shiki

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group (2012)

Harold G. Henderson was, from 1927 to 1929, the Assistant to the Curator of Far Eastern Art at the...

Transnationalism in Southern African Literature: Modernists, Realists, and the Inequality of Print Culture

Transnationalism in Southern African Literature

Modernists, Realists, and the Inequality of Print Culture

Taylor and Francis (2008)

Considering the growing interest in South African Literature at the moment, this study looks at both...

Australian Aboriginal Grammar (RLE Linguistics F: World Linguistics)
Taylor and Francis (2014)

This study covers a number of topics that are prominent in the grammars of Australian Aboriginal...