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Words in the Mind: An Introduction to the Mental Lexicon

Words in the Mind (4th ed.)

An Introduction to the Mental Lexicon

Wiley (2012)

Featuring new coverage of the brain and language, and lexical corpora, the 4th edition of Words in...

Lexical Priming: A New Theory of Words and Language

Lexical Priming

A New Theory of Words and Language

Taylor and Francis (2005)

Lexical Priming proposes a radical new theory of the lexicon, which amounts to a completely new...

Inheritance, Defaults and the Lexicon
Cambridge University Press (1994)

This collection describes techniques of lexical representation within a unification-based framework.

Vocabulary: Applied Linguistic Perspectives


Applied Linguistic Perspectives

Taylor and Francis (2012)

How do we teach and learn vocabulary? How do words work in literary texts? In this book, Ronald...

Idioms: Structural and Psychological Perspectives


Structural and Psychological Perspectives

Taylor and Francis (2014)

Idioms have always aroused the curiosity of linguists and there is a long tradition in the study of...

Wordwatching: Breaking into the Dictionary: It's His Word Against Theirs


Breaking into the Dictionary: It's His Word Against Theirs

Ebury Publishing (2010)

Alex Horne loves words. He loves them so much, in fact, that he's decided to invent his own ... and...

Words, Science and Learning
McGraw-Hill Education (1992)

Explores the role of language in the growth of science itself, in the growth of learners' ideas, and...

Grammars for Language and Genes: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations

Grammars for Language and Genes

Theoretical and Empirical Investigations

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2011)

This book explores a framework for carrying out rigorous comparisons of grammar formalisms in terms...

Linguistic Decision Making: Theory and Methods
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2013)

Synthesizing methods from discrete disciplines, this guide explores models for linguistically...

Advances in Generative Lexicon Theory
Springer Netherlands (2012)

This book offers papers addressing models of linguistic composition from a Generative Lexicon...