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Beethoven: The 'Moonlight' and other Sonatas, Op. 27 and Op. 31
Cambridge University Press (1999)

This 1999 book is a comprehensive introduction to Beethoven's most popular piano sonata, and Opp....

The Early Clarinet: A Practical Guide

The Early Clarinet

A Practical Guide

Cambridge University Press (2000)

A guide containing practical help on both the aquisition and playing of historical clarinets.

The Cambridge Companion to the Clarinet
Cambridge University Press (1995)

This practical guide is an essential and stimulating reference book for all clarinet enthusiasts.

The Cambridge Companion to Brass Instruments
Cambridge University Press (1997)

An invaluable overview of the history, technical and musical development of brass instruments.

Clarinet For Dummies
Wiley (2010)

Master the most popular woodwind Want to play the clarinet? No problem! This hands-on guide...

From the Clarinet D'Amour to the Contra Bass: A History of Large Size Clarinets, 1740-1860

From the Clarinet D'Amour to the Contra Bass

A History of Large Size Clarinets, 1740-1860

Oxford University Press (2009)

This book is the first detailed study of the history and development of six large size clarinets:...

New Directions for Clarinet
Scarecrow Press (1994)

The new edition has been completely rewritten, corrected where necessary, and updated. Rehfeldt has...