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Managing to Improve Public Services
Cambridge University Press (2008)

A group of leading social science and management specialists show how management can be harnessed to...

Accountable Governance: Problems and Promises
Taylor and Francis (2014)

Public accountability is a hallmark of modern democratic governance and the foundation of the...

The Art of Public Strategy: Mobilizing Power and Knowledge for the Common Good

The Art of Public Strategy

Mobilizing Power and Knowledge for the Common Good

OUP Oxford (2008)

Written by Geoff Mulgan, a former head of policy for the UK prime minister, and advisor to...

Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step for Government and Nonprofit Agencies
Wiley (2003)

The Balanced Scorecard is the leading methodology for implementing performance management systems...

The Politics of Crisis Management: Public Leadership Under Pressure

The Politics of Crisis Management

Public Leadership Under Pressure

Arjen Boin, Paul 't Hart and 2 more...
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A unique and comprehensive analysis of the special nature of political and public leadership in...

The New Public Management: Improving Research and Policy Dialogue

The New Public Management

Improving Research and Policy Dialogue

University of California Press (2001)

How policymakers should guide, manage, and oversee public bureaucracies is a question that lies at...

Syndromes of Corruption: Wealth, Power, and Democracy

Syndromes of Corruption

Wealth, Power, and Democracy

Cambridge University Press (2005)

A sophisticated analysis of four main types of corruption in developed and developing countries,...

Marketing in the Public Sector (paperback): A Roadmap for Improved Performance
Pearson Education (2006)

Marketing in the Public Sector is a groundbreaking book written exclusively for governmental...

Implementing and Managing eGovernment: An International Text
SAGE Publications (2005)

`Two years ago, I taught an introductory level course on eGovernment. If only I had had this book to...

Public Administration: Traditions of Inquiry and Philosophies of Knowledge

Public Administration

Traditions of Inquiry and Philosophies of Knowledge

Georgetown University Press (2010)

Is public administration an art or a science? This question of whether the field is driven by values...