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A Tutorial on Queuing and Trunking with Applications to Communications

The motivation for developing this synthesis lecture was to provide a tutorial on queuing and...

Difference and Differential Equations with Applications in Queueing Theory
Wiley (2013)

A Useful Guide to the Interrelated Areas of Differential Equations, Difference Equations, and...

A Course on Queueing Models
CRC Press (2016)

The application of engineering principles in divergent fields such as management science and...

Retrial Queueing Systems: A Computational Approach

This book focuses on approximate techniques and algorithmic methods for solving analytically...

An Elementary Introduction to Queueing Systems

The book aims to highlight the fundamental concepts of queueing systems. It starts with the...

Stochastic-Process Limits: An Introduction to Stochastic-Process Limits and Their Application to Queues

Stochastic-Process Limits

An Introduction to Stochastic-Process Limits and Their Application to Queues


This book is about stochastic-process limits - limits in which a sequence of stochastic processes...

Queueing Theory: A Linear Algebraic Approach

Queueing Theory (2nd ed.)

A Linear Algebraic Approach


Queueing Theory deals with systems where there is contention for resources, but the demands are only...

Fundamentals of Queuing Systems: Statistical Methods for Analyzing Queuing Models

Fundamentals of Queuing Systems

Statistical Methods for Analyzing Queuing Models


We spend lots of time queuing. Yet queues, their formation, and their duration, are a fascinating...

Queueing Networks: A Fundamental Approach
Springer US (2010)

Presenting an overview of the field, this volume discusses computational aspects of queueing...

Stochastic Control in Insurance

Until now, solved examples of the application of stochastic control to actuarial problems could only...