Mental retardation. Developmental disabilities

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Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities: Nursing Complex Needs
Wiley (2009)

PROFOUND INTELLECTUAL AND MULTIPLE DISABILITIES Nursing Complex Needs Children and adults with...

Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability: A Practical Manual
Wiley (2012)

Patients with intellectual disability (ID) can benefit from the full range of mental health...

Outcomes in Neurodevelopmental and Genetic Disorders
Cambridge University Press (2002)

Succinct, up-to-date research summaries and practical guidelines for intervention in and management...

Preventing Intellectual Disability: Ethical and Clinical Issues
Cambridge University Press (2003)

This book covers comprehensively and practically the ethical issues involved in prevention of...

Exceptional Language Development in Down Syndrome: Implications for the Cognition-Language Relationship

Exceptional Language Development in Down Syndrome

Implications for the Cognition-Language Relationship

Cambridge University Press (1995)

Is normal language acquisition possible in spite of serious intellectual impairment? The answer, it...

Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of Suicidal Behavior
Wiley (2004)

Current and comprehensive information concerning the assessment and treatment of suicidal persons...

Intellectual Disability, Trauma and Psychotherapy
Taylor and Francis (2008)

People with intellectual disabilities have emotional and mental health needs just like anyone else....

Mental Retardation and Developmental Delay: Genetic and Epigenetic Factors
Oxford University Press (2005)

This book makes readily available current knowledge on the subject of mental retardation and...

Mental Health Services for Adults with Intellectual Disability: Strategies and Solutions
Taylor and Francis (2010)

This book considers how mental health services have evolved over the past three decades to meet the...

Chosen For This Gift: My Story of Hope, Survival and Raising a Child with Special Needs

Chosen For This Gift

My Story of Hope, Survival and Raising a Child with Special Needs

Mill City Press (2012)

The book is a two-fold story of my life, the trials of tragedy, the joys of love and family, the...