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Essential Epidemiology: An Introduction for Students and Health Professionals

Essential Epidemiology (2nd ed.)

An Introduction for Students and Health Professionals


A clear and practical introduction to all areas of epidemiology written to engage and inspire...

Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis for Epidemiology: A Practical Guide

A practical guide to longitudinal data analysis in medical research and epidemiology.

Epidemiology and Culture

This book reveals unexamined assumptions and shows how sociocultural context influences measurement...

Basic Epidemiology

Basic Epidemiology (2nd ed.)

R. Bonita, R. Beaglehole and 1 more...

The second edition of this popular textbook provides an introduction to the principles and methods...

Epidemiology for the Uninitiated
Wiley (2008)

This perennial bestseller is an ideal introductions to epidemiology in health care. The fifith...

Plagues and Peoples

Upon its original publication, Plagues and Peoples was an immediate critical and popular success,...

Biology of Plagues: Evidence from Historical Populations

Biology of Plagues

Evidence from Historical Populations


Explores the epidemics of the past with modern epidemiological and computer-modelling.

Cell Biology Study Guide

Boost grades with an illustrated Cell Biology quick-study guide. You will use it from an...

Modern Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Second Edition

The second edition of Modern Infectious Disease Epidemiology, in line with changing health concerns,...

Modern Infectious Disease Epidemiology: Concepts, Methods, Mathematical Models, and Public Health

Modern Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Concepts, Methods, Mathematical Models, and Public Health


Hardly a day goes by without news headlines concerning infectious disease threats. This book will...