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Australian Soul: Religion and Spirituality in the 21st Century

Australian Soul

Religion and Spirituality in the 21st Century

Cambridge University Press (2006)

This fascinating book challenges the idea that religious and spiritual life in Australia is in...

Evolution as a Religion: Strange Hopes and Stranger Fears

Evolution as a Religion (2nd ed.)

Strange Hopes and Stranger Fears

Taylor and Francis (2002)

According to a profile in The Guardian , Mary Midgley is 'the foremost scourge of scientific...

Rosenberg Publishing (2011)

Governor-General Sir John Kerr’s dismissal of the elected Whitlam Government in 1975, more or...

Creation and Evolution
Taylor and Francis (2010)

Can religion survive Darwinism? Do scientists entering the lab or heading for the field have to...

Us and Them: Muslim - Christian Relations and Cultural Harmony in Australia

Us and Them

Muslim - Christian Relations and Cultural Harmony in Australia

Australian Academic Press (2009)

In 12 essays Us and Them offers truths about interfaith relations as they are believed and expressed...

Purpose in the Living World?: Creation and Emergent Evolution

Purpose in the Living World?

Creation and Emergent Evolution

Cambridge University Press (2008)

Jacob Klapwijk offers the theory of emergent evolution as a way of bridging the gap between...

The Religions of Oceania
Taylor and Francis (1995)

More than a quarter of the world's religions are to be found in the regions of Australia, Melanesia,...

Hindu Perspectives on Evolution: Darwin, Dharma, and Design
Taylor and Francis (2012)

Providing new insights into the contemporary creationist-evolution debates, this book looks at the...

Evolutionary Theory and Christian Belief: The Unresolved Conflict

Originally published in 1957. This book is concerned with the conflict between "Darwinism" as the...

Religion in Evolution (Routledge Revivals)
Taylor and Francis (2014)

First published in 1906, these four lectures were originally delivered in the Vacation Term for...