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Rhapsody in the Key of G
Renaissance E Books (2002)

It started out as just another business trip but some spilled beer and a chance meeting in a bar led...

The Damn Fool
Renaissance E Books (2001)

In the process of converting his inheritance into cash, Lance Sayer visits the old Taylor farm,...

Renaissance E Books (2001)

Laid waste in the aftermath of a savage civil war, the country is overrun with brutal biker gangs...

Lust Bites
Renaissance E Books (2002)

Lawrence & Neptune are back with a brand new collection of eleven titillating tales. Lust Bites ...

The Heart of Tantric Sex: A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fulfillment

The Heart of Tantric Sex

A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fulfillment

John Hunt Publishing (2010)

After many years of exploration, Diana Richardson found that the ancient practice of Tantra, with...

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women
Cleis Press (2006)

Revised and updated throughout, including all-new chapters specifically for beginners and for women...

Letters to Penthouse XXI: When Wild Meets Raunchy
Grand Central Publishing (2004)

With more than one million copies in print, this series is a bestselling staple.

Tantra and Kama Sutra Sex Positions: A Modern Erotic Photo Interpretation

Tantra and Kama Sutra Sex Positions

A Modern Erotic Photo Interpretation

4 Freedoms eBooks (2004)

Each photo is accompanied by comments on how and why the lovemaking position is used. The message is...

Hot Sex
Random House Publishing Group (2003)

The ultimate bedside companion--packed with erotic yet practical tips for men and women Practical,...

100 Ways to Keep Your Lover
4 Freedoms eBooks (2004)

Adult content, beautifully erotic, tastefully explicit. 111 erotic photos and illustrations 165...