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Handbook of Biodiversity Methods: Survey, Evaluation and Monitoring

Handbook of Biodiversity Methods

Survey, Evaluation and Monitoring

David Hill, Matthew Fasham and 3 more...
Cambridge University Press (2005)

This Handbook, first published in 2005, provides standard procedures for planning and conducting a...

Biodiversity Response to Climate Change in the Middle Pleistocene: The Porcupine Cave Fauna from Colorado
University of California Press (2004)

This book chronicles the discovery and analysis of animal fossils found in one of the most important...

The Wild Places
Penguin Publishing Group (2008)

From the author of The Old Ways and Underland , an "eloquent (and compulsively readable) reminder...

Biodiversity, Sustainability and Human Communities: Protecting beyond the Protected
Cambridge University Press (2002)

Biodiversity, Sustainability and Human Communities proposes new methods of combating biodiversity...

Philosophy and Biodiversity
Cambridge University Press (2004)

This important collection focuses on the nature and importance of biodiversity.

Biodiversity Conservation in Costa Rica: Learning the Lessons in a Seasonal Dry Forest

Biodiversity Conservation in Costa Rica

Learning the Lessons in a Seasonal Dry Forest

University of California Press (2004)

The beautiful tropical dry forest of northwest Costa Rica, with its highly seasonal rainfall and...

Biodiversity and Conservation

This revised second edition provides an introductory guide through the maze of interdisciplinary...

Biodiversity and Pest Management in Agroecosystems
CRC Press (2018)

Explore the latest research on biological control! Completely updated for 2004, this new edition...

Conserving Bird Biodiversity: General Principles and their Application

Conserving Bird Biodiversity

General Principles and their Application

Cambridge University Press (2002)

Problem-based approach to conservation biology using birds as examples.

Geodiversity: Valuing and Conserving Abiotic Nature


Valuing and Conserving Abiotic Nature

Wiley (2004)

A counterpoint to biodiversity, geodiversity describes the rocks, sediments, soils, fossils,...