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Embracing Risk in Urban Education

Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage in the Era of "No Excuses" and Relay Race Reform

R&L Education (2012)

Ginsberg argues that in the effort to reduce the achievement gap and mitigate the pejorative label...

The Evolution of American Women's Studies

Reflections on Triumphs, Controversies, and Change


This book is comprised of reflections by diverse women's studies scholars, focusing on the many ways...

Gender and Educational Philanthropy

New Perspectives on Funding, Collaboration, and Assessment


This book explores the complex questions facing funding agencies and foundations as they grapple to...

Breaking the Mold of School Instruction and Organization

Innovative and Successful Practices for the Twenty-First Century

R&L Education (2010)

This one-of-a-kind collection of chapters takes the reader on a tour to explore innovative practices...