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Swingers - Female Confidential

Why do women swing? In a frank and fascinating exposé of female involvement in the swinging scene,...

Swingers - True confessions from today's swinging scene

Ashley Lister, a freelance writer, author and reporter, has met countless singles, couples and...

How To Write Erotic Fiction and Sex Scenes

Whether you're writing a steamy erotic novel, or a romantic novel and want to take the reader beyond...

A Taste of Passion (Sweet Temptation, Book 1)

When baking entrepreneur Trudy Cole falls for celebrity chef Bill Hart, all is far from sweetness...

Turning Up the Heat (Sweet Temptation, Book 2)

Bill and Trudy’s tempestuous relationship veers from hurling insults in the kitchen to intense...

Just Desserts (Sweet Temptation, Book 3)

Trudy McLaughlin was an ambitious culinary arts graduate. Nowadays, her success and reputation have...

Original erotica about the sexiest negotiations