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Horoscopes - Your Future In 2011
Andrews UK (2010)

This book of horoscopes for the year 2011 have been specially formatted for today's e-readers....

Taking Off Quantities: Civil Engineering
CRC Press (1995)

This book provides a thorough understanding of the general principles of measurement for taking off...

Spon's Construction Resource Handbook
CRC Press (1998)

Spon's Construction Resource Handbook is the first book to present critical information about...

Spon's First Stage Estimating Handbook
CRC Press (2010)

Have you ever had to provide accurate costs for a new supermarket or a pub "just an idea...a...

Guide to Home Improvement Costs
CRC Press (2007)

Extending your home? New kitchen or bathroom? Planning to decorate? If you're taking on a job like...

Spon's First Stage Estimating Handbook, Second Edition
CRC Press (2006)

A source of first stage estimating costs. With sections on whole life costing and general...

Spon's Estimating Costs Guide to Electrical Works: Unit Rates and Project Costs
CRC Press (2007)

All the cost data you need to keep your estimating accurate, competitive and profitable. Do you...

Tell Your Own Future
Andrews UK (2010)

Knowing the future is the dream of most people. Astrologers, horse tipsters and actuaries all try to...

Horoscopes - Your Future in 2012
Andrews UK (2011)

A Book of horoscopes for every star sign for each week in 2012: see what the future holds for you!...

Spon's Estimating Cost Guide to Finishings: Painting and Decorating, Plastering and Tiling

Spon's Estimating Cost Guide to Finishings

Painting and Decorating, Plastering and Tiling

CRC Press (2004)

Specially written for contractors and small businesses carrying out small works, Spon's Estimating...