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New Operational Approaches for Financial Modelling

th This book is devoted to the 19 Meeting of the EURO Working Group on Financial Modelling, held in...

Goal Programming Techniques for Bank Asset Liability Management
Springer US (2006)

Other publications that exist on this topic, are mainly focused on the general aspects and...

Quantitative Financial Risk Management: Theory and Practice
Wiley (2015)

A Comprehensive Guide to Quantitative Financial Risk Management Written by an international team...

Multicriteria Decision Aid Classification Methods
Springer US (2006)

The book discusses a new approach to the classification problem following the decision support...

Multicriteria Analysis in Finance

This book provides a concise introduction into the fundamentals and applied techniques of multiple...

Multiple Criteria Decision Making: Applications in Management and Engineering

Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Applications in Management and Engineering

This book presents a broad range of innovative applications and case studies in all areas of...

Handbook of Multicriteria Analysis

Multicriteria analysis is a growing field in operations research and management science. This book...

Application Of Quantitative Techniques For The Prediction Of Bank Acquisition Targets

In recent years, the banking industry has faced significant challenges due to deregulation,...

Fuzzy Sets in Management, Economics and Marketing

The rapid changes that have taken place globally on the economic, social and business fronts...

Country Risk Evaluation: Methods and Applications

Country Risk Evaluation

Methods and Applications

Springer US (2010)

Country risk evaluation is one of the major research topics in economics and finance. This book...