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McQuail's Mass Communication Theory

The most recent edition of the pre-eminent text in mass communication theory. Nothing else in the...

Journalism and Society

A major new statement on the role of journalism in democracy from one of media and communication's...

Audience Analysis

Denis McQuail provides a coherent and succinct account of the concept of "media audience" in terms...

Communication Models for the Study of Mass Communications

Presents the main existing models of the mass communications process which have been developed...

Communication Theory and Research

This exciting collection of papers represents some of the finest communications research...

The Media in Europe: The Euromedia Handbook

The Media in Europe

The Euromedia Handbook


Completely rewritten, the Third Edition of this successful guide to European media systems has...

Action Theory and Communication Research: Recent Developments in Europe. (Mouton Textbook)

Action Theory and Communication Research

Recent Developments in Europe. (Mouton Textbook)

De Gruyter (2008)

The main objectives of the series correspond to those of the journal Communications: The European...

The SAGE Handbook of Media Studies

The SAGE Handbook of Media Studies examines the theories, practices, and future of this...