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Sonic Intimacy: Voice, Species, Technics (or, How To Listen to the World)

Sonic Intimacy

Voice, Species, Technics (or, How To Listen to the World)


Arguing that our ears are far too narrowly attuned to our own species, this book explores different...

Infinite Distraction
Wiley (2016)

It is often argued that contemporary media homogenize our thoughts and actions, without us being...

Look at the Bunny: Totem, Taboo, Technology

Look at the Bunny

Totem, Taboo, Technology


An essential guide to those technological totems and taboos which help us navigate the chaotic...

Human Error: Species-Being and Media Machines

Human Error

Species-Being and Media Machines

What exactly is the human element separating humans from animals and machines? The common answers...

Creaturely Love

How Desire Makes Us More and Less Than Human

To our modern ears the word “creature” has wild, musky, even monstrous, connotations. And yet the...

Avoiding the Subject: Media, Culture and the Object

Avoiding the Subject

Media, Culture and the Object


A lively and erudite analysis on visual culture, critical theory, film theory, and new media