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Revenge of the Kremlin

In this gripping, tightly plotted tale of espionage, Malko Linge investigates the suspicious death...

The Madmen of Benghazi: A Malko Linge Novel

THE MADMEN OF BENGHAZI, available for the first time in the U.S., is a gripping, racy,...

Chaos in Kabul: A Malko Linge Novel

Chaos in Kabul

A Malko Linge Novel

As U.S. troops prepare to withdraw from Afghanistan, and the Taliban is poised to take over, the CIA...

Lord of the Swallows: A Malko Linge Novel

A sexy, high-stakes thriller in which Malko Linge must choose between his sense of duty and his...

Surface to Air: A Malko Linge Novel

Surface to Air

A Malko Linge Novel

Malko Linge is assigned to tail a novice terrorist who has a plot to blow up Air Force One—and the...