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Half Upon a Time
Aladdin (2010)

Jack lives in a fantasy world. Really. He's the son of the infamous Jack who stole the magic beans...

Twice Upon a Time
Aladdin (2012)

Pirates and mermaids face off in this fractured-fairy tale sequel to Half Upon a Time ! Jack and...

Once Upon the End
Aladdin (2013)

Will there be happily ever after? Don’t miss the fractured-fairy tale conclusion to the...

Story Thieves
Aladdin (2015)

This “clever opener likely to leave readers breathless both with laughter and anticipation” ( Kirkus...

International Government Finance and the Amsterdam Capital Market, 1740–1815

This book reconstructs and surveys the international credit structure's principal effects on the...

Secret Origins
Aladdin (2017)

Bethany travels to a new fictional world to rescue her father in this third book in the New York...

Pick the Plot
Aladdin (2017)

Readers choose what happens when Owen finds himself stuck in a Pick Your Own Plot story, in this...

Worlds Apart
Aladdin (2018)

Owen and Bethany try to find their way back to each other after the fictional and nonfictional...

Of Monarchs and Black Barons: Essays on Baseball's Negro Leagues

Of Monarchs and Black Barons

Essays on Baseball's Negro Leagues

The first African American to play in baseball's recognized major leagues, William Edward White,...

Sufferings in Africa: The Incredible True Story of a Shipwreck, Enslavement, and Survival on the Sahara

Sufferings in Africa

The Incredible True Story of a Shipwreck, Enslavement, and Survival on the Sahara

Skyhorse (2007)

Listed by Abraham Lincoln, alongside the Bible and Pilgrim's Progress , as one of the books that...