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44 Ways to Increase Church Attendance

Are you still suffering over the sight of empty pews? Have your efforts been more than exhaustive in...

21 Bridges to the Twenty-First Century

The past five decades have altered the role of the churches. The third millennium will bring an even...

44 Steps Up Off the Plateau

Lyle E. Schaller defines a 'plateau' as a stagnant holding point in the size and energy of a...

Discontinuity and Hope

Giving examples of large-scale changes that have occurred during the past three decades, Schaller...

Multiple Staff and the Larger Church

Larger churches are different-in expectations, in performance, in staffing, and in use of lay...

The New Context for Ministry: Competing for the Charitable Dollar

The New Context for Ministry

Competing for the Charitable Dollar


With the attention to appropriate and telling details for which he is famous, Lyle Schaller begins...

Innovations in Ministry: Models for the 21st Century

Innovations in Ministry

Models for the 21st Century


Asserting that the good news greatly exceeds the bad news, Innovations in Ministry celebrates what's...


Provides a conceptual framework for asking questions about congregations, and classifies syndromes...

Looking in the Mirror

Looking in the Mirror provides a conceptual framework for church self-appraisal that can be a key...

Small Congregation, Big Potential: Ministry in the Small Membership Church

Small Congregation, Big Potential

Ministry in the Small Membership Church


There are many questions that leaders of small-membership congregations ask themselves about their...