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9,51 €

With wit and subtlety a happy picture is drawn of family life, house parties in the country and a...

Cat's Cradle
9,51 €

This sophisticated and intricate novel, based on true events, begins with Henry Clifford’s...

The Coat Without Seam
8,32 €

The story of a miraculous relic, believed to be a piece of the seamless coat won by a soldier on...

Daphne Adeane
8,32 €

Basil Wake and his wife Hyacinth exist in the social whirl of London’s early 1900s. For years...

Darby And Joan
7,13 €

A series of romances, missed chances, and disasters befall the lives of Joan and Alexander, as each...

In The End Is My Beginning
8,32 €

This historical novel tells the tragic story of Mary Queen of Scots, from her childhood until the...

The Lonely Lady Of Dulwich
7,13 €

The novel portrays the life of a lonely, beautiful, yet over-protected Catholic girl and the several...

The Puppet Show Of Memory
8,32 €

It was into the famous Baring family of merchant bankers that Maurice Baring was born in 1874, the...

7,13 €

Anthony Kay, a blind man, meets a gathering of people and quickly becomes involved in their lives....

Tinker's Leave
8,32 €

Reserved and unworldly, young Miles Consterdine and his epiphanic trip to Paris is Maurice Baring’s...