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Humour: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2014)

Humour is a universal feature of human life. In this Very Short Introduction Noel Carroll considers...

The Philosophy of Horror: Or, Paradoxes of the Heart

The Philosophy of Horror

Or, Paradoxes of the Heart


Noel Carroll, film scholar and philosopher, offers the first serious look at the aesthetics of...

Beyond Aesthetics: Philosophical Essays

Beyond Aesthetics

Philosophical Essays


Claims authorial intention, art history, and morality play a role in our encounter with art works.

Philosophy of Art: A Contemporary Introduction

Philosophy of Art

A Contemporary Introduction


Philosophy of Art is a textbook for undergraduate students interested in the topic of philosophical...

On Criticism

In a recent poll of practicing art critics, 75 percent reported that rendering judgments on artworks...

Art in Three Dimensions
OUP Oxford (2010)

Art in Three Dimensions is a collection of essays by a leading figure in the philosophy of art. The...

Comedy Incarnate: Buster Keaton, Physical Humor, and Bodily Coping

Comedy Incarnate

Buster Keaton, Physical Humor, and Bodily Coping

Wiley (2008)

In Comedy Incarnate , Noël Carroll surveys the characteristics of Buster Keaton’s unique visual...

Minerva's Night Out: Philosophy, Pop Culture, and Moving Pictures

Minerva's Night Out

Philosophy, Pop Culture, and Moving Pictures

Wiley (2013)

Minerva’s Night Out presents series of essays by noted philosopher and motion picture and media...

Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures: An Anthology
Wiley (2009)

Designed for classroom use, this authoritative anthology presents key selections from the best...

Philosophy in The Twilight Zone
Wiley (2009)

Utilizing a series of essays examining the broad philosophical concepts embedded in Rod Serling's...