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Ethics: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2003)

Our self-image as moral, well-behaved creatures is dogged by scepticism, relativism, hypocrisy, and...

Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy


A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy


This is a book about the big questions in life: knowledge, consciousness, fate, God, truth,...

Being Good: A Short Introduction to Ethics

Being Good

A Short Introduction to Ethics

OUP Oxford (2002)

This is a very short introduction to ethics. It divides into three parts: first, introducing and...

Truth: A Guide

Blackburn offers a tour de force exploration of what he calls "the most exciting and engaging issue...

Lust: The Seven Deadly Sins


The Seven Deadly Sins


Blackburn here offers a sharp-edged probe into the heart of lust, blending together insight from...

The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy
OUP Oxford (2016)

This dictionary is written by one of the leading philosophers of our time, and it is recognized as...

Essays in Quasi-Realism

This volume collects some influential essays in which Simon Blackburn, one of our leading...

On Truth

This concise book by the eminent philosopher Simon Blackburn provides an accessible explanation of...

Mirror, Mirror: The Uses and Abuses of Self-Love

Mirror, Mirror

The Uses and Abuses of Self-Love


Everyone deplores narcissism, especially in others. The vain are by turns annoying or absurd,...

How To Read Hume

David Hume is generally recognized as the United Kingdom's greatest philosopher, as well as a...