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News, Public Relations and Power

Introducing theoretical ideas and the latest empirical findings in this fast-developing field of...

Global Crisis Reporting

Climate change and threats to the planet's ecology, the 'global war on terror' and...

Mediatized Conflict

We live in times that generate diverse conflicts; we also live in times when conflicts are...

Media Organization and Production

Drawing on the work of international contributors, this book examines a wide range of global-local...

Ethnic Minorities and the Media: Changing Cultural Boundaries

Ethnic Minorities and the Media

Changing Cultural Boundaries


Brings together leading international researchers who have examined the various processes of change...

Humanitarianism, Communications and Change
Peter Lang (2015)

Humanitarianism, Communications and Change is the first book to explore humanitarianism in today’s...

Reporting Dangerously: Journalist Killings, Intimidation and Security

Reporting Dangerously

Journalist Killings, Intimidation and Security


More journalists are being killed, attacked and intimidated than at any time in history. Reporting...

Media, Terrorism, and Theory: A Reader

Over the past few years, media outlets have spotlighted coverage of terror attacks. Drawing on both...