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L'oeuvre de David l'Invincible et la transmission de la pensée grecque dans la tradition arménienne et syriaque: Commentaria in Aristotelem Armeniaca - Davidis Opera Vol. 1
BRILL (2009)

This book is concerned with the transmission of Greek ideas in the East (in Armenia and in Syria),...

Introduction to Modeling for Biosciences

Mathematical modeling can be a useful tool for researchers in the biological scientists. Yet in...

Guide to Simulation and Modeling for Biosciences

This accessible text/reference presents a detailed introduction to the use of a wide range of...

Rethinking Misbehavior and Resistance in Organizations

This volume challenges understandings of organizational misbehavior looking beyond traditional...

Archaeologists as Activists: Can Archaeologists Change the World?

Archaeologists as Activists

Can Archaeologists Change the World?


Could archaeologists benefit contemporary cultures and be a factor in solving world problems? Can...

Demystifying the Big House: Exploring Prison Experience and Media Representations

Demystifying the Big House

Exploring Prison Experience and Media Representations

Katherine A Foss, Emily Plec and 14 more...

Essays in this volume illustrate how shows such as Orange Is the New Black and Oz impact the...

Writers of the Future Volume 28
Galaxy Press (2012)

Your passage to unforgettable worlds of imagination and escape . Discover the new visionaries of...

Specimen Science: Ethics and Policy Implications

Specimen Science

Ethics and Policy Implications

The MIT Press (2017)

Legal, regulatory, and ethical perspectives on balancing social benefit and human autonomy in...