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Maria and the Admiral

A sweeping historical drama, based on the true and enduring love of Thomas Cochrane and Maria...

The Space Between

From the critically acclaimed author, a stylish and compelling novel about a woman making a new life...

A Woman's Life

Three women, born at the outbreak of World War II, who've grown up in widely differing...

Lies and Loyalties

An emotional, gritty family drama exploring the power of frustrated love and intense sibling rivalry...

One Summer

An intense, moving novel about obsessive love. K, a middle-aged painter, has returned from a...

The Missing Boy

The disappearance of a teenage boy tears a family apart in this poignant, highly topical and...

All in the Family: Parenting the 1950's Way

Elizabeth Longford proves the truth of the old saying that "Mother knows best," a theory that is...

Wellbeing in Higher Education: Cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle Among Faculty and Students

Wellbeing in Higher Education

Cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle Among Faculty and Students


Academic staff and students within higher education settings are confronted by a learning...