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An up-to-date, clear but rigorous introduction to the philosophy of science offering an ...


Thomas Kuhn (1922-96) transformed the philosophy of science. His seminal 1962 work "The Structure of...

Nature's Metaphysics

Laws and Properties

OUP Oxford (2007)

Nature's Metaphysics argues that a satisfactory philosophy of science requires a metaphysics that is...


Arguing About Science is an outstanding, engaging introduction to the essential topics in...

Properties, Powers and Structures

Issues in the Metaphysics of Realism

Alexander Bird, Brian Ellis and 1 more...

While the phrase "metaphysics of science" has been used from time to time, it has only recently...

Carving Nature at Its Joints

Natural Kinds in Metaphysics and Science

The MIT Press (2011)

Reflections on the metaphysics and epistemology of classification from a distinguished group of...


Frozen Life in a Melting World

Joanna Radin, Emma Kowal and 17 more...
The MIT Press (2017)

The social, political, and cultural consequences of attempts to cheat death by freezing life.

Cognitive Biology

Evolutionary and Developmental Perspectives on Mind, Brain, and Behavior

Luca Tommasi, Mary A. Peterson and 36 more...
The MIT Press (2009)

An overview of current research at the intersection of psychology and biology, integrating...