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The Play of Character in Plato's Dialogues

This book provides an interpretation of Plato from the point of view of dramatic characterization.


English translation of Sophocles’ tragic story of Antigone addresses civil disobedience and a moral...

King Oidipous

English translation of Sophocles’ famous tragedy of Oedipus and the fate he so much tries to avoid....

The Theban Plays: Antigone, King Oidipous and Oidipous at Colonus

The Theban Plays

Antigone, King Oidipous and Oidipous at Colonus

English translations of three of Sophocles’ Oidipous Cycle: King Oidipous, Oidipous at Colonus, and...

Oidipous at Colonus

English translation of Sophocles’ tragedy of Oedipus who is banished from Thebes and confronts an...

Women on the Edge: Four Plays by Euripides

Women on the Edge

Four Plays by Euripides

Ruby Blondell, Mary-Kay Gamel and 2 more...

Women on the Edge , a collection of Alcestis, Medea, Helen, and Iphegenia at Aulis, provides a...