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Free Jazz, Harmolodics, and Ornette Coleman discusses Ornette Coleman’s musical philosophy of...


This is a book about voting - what people think they are doing when they cast a vote.

Wiley (2017)

From its inception as a public communication network, the Internet was regarded by many people as a...

The Ethics of Artificial Uteruses

Implications for Reproduction and Abortion


Ectogenesis, the gestation of the foetus outside of the human body, will not for much longer be in...


This book examines the present and future of televised election debates, from the Nixon-Kennedy...


It would be difficult to imagine how a development as world-changing as the emergence of the...

The Media and The Public

"Them" and "Us" in Media Discourse

Wiley (2010)

The Media and the Public explores the ways a range of media, from the press to television to the...


This book examines how the Internet can improve public communications and enrich democracy.

Verdun Press (2014)

In October 1944, US forces executed amphibious landings on the Japanese-occupied island of Leyte in...

Discovering Gettysburg

An Unconventional Introduction to the Greatest Little Town in America and the Monumental Battle that Made It Famous

Savas Beatie (2017)

Gettysburg. Does any other single word in any language invoke so much passion and angst, enthusiasm...