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Charles Dickens: A Life

With the delectable wit, unforgettable characters, and challenging themes that have won her a...

Charles Dickens: A Life

Award-winning Claire Tomalin, author of A Life of My Own , sets the standard for sophisticated and...

Charles Dickens: The Critical Heritage

Charles Dickens

The Critical Heritage


The Critical Heritage gathers together a large body of critical sources on major figures in...

Charles Dickens

Dickens is second only to Shakespeare in the range and intensity of critical discussion which his...

Charles Dickens: An Introduction

Charles Dickens

An Introduction

OUP Oxford (2016)

Jenny Hartley introduces Charles Dickens's life and works, looking at the vitality of his characters...

Charles Dickens: A Very Peculiar History

Charles Dickens

A Very Peculiar History

Andrews UK (2011)

Taking a unique look at one of the most acclaimed and best-loved English writers of the nineteenth...

Charles Dickens: "Literature nowadays is a trade... the successful man of letters is your skilful tradesman"

Charles Dickens

"Literature nowadays is a trade... the successful man of letters is your skilful tradesman"


George Robert Gissing was born on November 22nd, 1857 in Wakefield, Yorkshire. He was educated at...

Charles Dickens: The Complete Novels in One Sitting

Charles Dickens

The Complete Novels in One Sitting

Running Press (2013)

Celebrate the bicentennial birthday of Charles Dickens with this Miniature Edition packed with witty...

Charles Dickens: Faith, Angels and the Poor

Charles Dickens

Faith, Angels and the Poor

Lion Hudson (2017)

Deeply respecting, and bowing down before the character of Our Saviour, you cannot go very wrong,...

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was in his own day the most popular novelist who had ever lived, a public figure...