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Galaxy S II: The Missing Manual

Unlock the potential of Samsung's Galaxy S II with this jargon-free guide from technology guru...

Google Search and Tools in a Snap

These days, nobody really wants to learn everything there is about a product like Google Tools. And...

eBay in a Snap

In the past few years, eBay has become a household name. Even if you've never traded on eBay...

Windows XP Hacks: Tips & Tools for Customizing and Optimizing Your OS

Windows XP Hacks

Tips & Tools for Customizing and Optimizing Your OS


A smart collection of insider tips and tricks, Windows XP Hacks , Second Edition covers the XP...

Droid X: The Missing Manual: The Missing Manual

Get the most from your Droid X right away with this entertaining Missing Manual. Veteran tech author...

Motorola Xoom: The Missing Manual

Motorola Xoom is the first tablet to rival the iPad, and no wonder with all of the great features...

Galaxy Tab: The Missing Manual: Covers Samsung TouchWiz Interface

Galaxy Tab: The Missing Manual

Covers Samsung TouchWiz Interface


Galaxy Tab lets you work, play, read, and connect on the go, but mastering its TouchWiz interface...

Windows 8 Hacks: Tips & Tools for Unlocking the Power of Tablets and Desktops

Windows 8 Hacks

Tips & Tools for Unlocking the Power of Tablets and Desktops


Windows 8 is quite different than previous Microsoft operating systems, but it’s still eminently...

Windows Vista in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference

Windows Vista in a Nutshell

A Desktop Quick Reference


This unique reference thoroughly documents every important setting and feature in Microsoft's new...

Windows XP Power Hound: Teach Yourself New Tricks

Windows XP Power Hound

Teach Yourself New Tricks


Windows XP can be a great tool, but it is all too easy to trip over Windows XP's annoying traits...