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Queer Theories explores and aggressively expands the provocative new field of sexual identity...


Explores the history of theories of selfhood, from the Classical era to the present, and...

Muscular Christianity

Embodying the Victorian Age


An extremist mid-Victorian religious philosophy influencing gender, class and national identity.

Reading Sexualities

Hermeneutic Theory and the Future of Queer Studies


Reading Sexualities confronts the reigning practices, priorities, and preoccupations of queer...

Fixing Patriarchy

Feminism and Mid-Victorian Male Novelists


Fixing Patriarchy: Feminism and Mid-Victorian Male Novelists explores representations of monstrous...

RePresenting Bisexualities

Subjects and Cultures of Fluid Desire

NYU Press (1996)

Is bisexuality coming out in America? Bisexual characters are surfacing on popular television shows...


The Church is not a business, but it does have a stewardship responsibility to ensure that all of...

Interpreting the New Testament Text

Introduction to the Art and Science of Exegesis

Crossway (2006)

Teaches the principles, methods, and fundamentals of exegeting the New Testament. Any serious...

Chimeras and Consciousness

Evolution of the Sensory Self

The MIT Press (2011)

Scientists elucidate the astounding collective sensory capacity of Earth and its evolution through...

The cornerstone of the American republic is an educated, active, and engaged citizenry; however, the...