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Wiley (2017)

Labor is the source of all wealth. Without workers, the world's natural resources cannot be...


Geographical scale is a central concept enabling us to make sense of the world we inhabit. Amongst...

Neoliberal Capitalism and Precarious Work

Since the renaissance of market politics on a global scale, precarious work has become pervasive....

Organizing the Landscape: Geographical Perspectives on Labor Unionism

Organizing the Landscape

Geographical Perspectives on Labor Unionism

Social life, conducted within economic, political, and cultural boundaries, is fundamentally...

Geographies of Power: Placing Scale
Wiley (2008)

At a time when references to things ‘global' have gained more currency than ever, this book explores...

Handbook of Employment and Society: Working Space

This handbook deepens and extends the engagement between research concerned with work and...

An Unruly World?: Globalization, Governance and Geography

An Unruly World?

Globalization, Governance and Geography


An Unruly World explores the diverse conundrums thrown up by seemingly unruly globalization....