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Its Nature and Existence


Substance has been a leading idea in the history of Western philosophy. Joshua Hoffman and Gary S....


Historical Dictionary of Metaphysics focuses on metaphysics in Western philosophy, the metaphysical...


This book revives a neglected but important topic in philosophy: the nature of substance.

Wiley (2008)

The Divine Attributes is an engaging analysis of the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from...

Czernowitz at 100

The First Yiddish Language Conference in Historical Perspective

Joshua A. Fogel, Keith Weiser and 13 more...

Czernowitz at 100 represents a collection that assesses the achievements and fate of those who...

Jewish Men Pray

Words of Yearning, Praise, Petition, Gratitude and Wonder from Traditional and Contemporary Sources


A celebration of Jewish men's voices in prayer—to strengthen, to heal, to comfort, to inspire from...