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Explaining War and Peace: Case Studies and Necessary Condition Counterfactuals

Explaining War and Peace

Case Studies and Necessary Condition Counterfactuals


This edited volume focuses on the use of ‘necessary condition counterfactuals’ in explaining two key...

Do You Know What You Look Like?: Interpersonal Relationships In Education

Do You Know What You Look Like?

Interpersonal Relationships In Education


Much of the work in this book has originated from an international project called "Education for...

War in the Modern Great Power System: 1495--1975

The apparently accelerating arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union and the...

The Outbreak of the First World War: Structure, Politics, and Decision-Making

The Outbreak of the First World War

Structure, Politics, and Decision-Making


This volume brings together leading historians and international relations scholars to debate the...

Causes of War
Wiley (2009)

Written by leading scholars in the field, Causes of War provides the first comprehensive analysis...

The Arc of War: Origins, Escalation, and Transformation

The Arc of War

Origins, Escalation, and Transformation


In this far-reaching exploration of the evolution of warfare in human history, Jack S. Levy and...

The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education

With new contributions from research in South East Asia, the Middle East, China, Japan, Australasia,...

The Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology: Second Edition

Political psychology applies what is known about human psychology to the study of politics. It...

Interpersonal Relationships in Education: An Overview of Contemporary Research

Interpersonal Relationships in Education

An Overview of Contemporary Research

Theo Wubbels, Perry den Brok and 2 more...

This book brings together recent research on interpersonal relationships in education. Clearly,...

Analyses for Hormonal Substances in Food Producing Animals

This unique and definitive reference on hormone abuse in food producing animals is for scientists,...