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Jack London: A Life

Raised in poverty as an illegitimate child, Jack London dropped out of school to support his mother,...

Jack London: An American Original (Oxford Portraits)

Jack London

An American Original (Oxford Portraits)


Jack London paints a well-rounded picture of London's short, intrepid life, his prolific writings,...

Jack London

Known for his tales of adventure and coming of age, Jack London's fiction, including The Call of...

Jack London

This study explores how Jack London's Northland odyssey - along with an insatiable intellectual...

Jack London The Dover Reader

An inexpensive, single-volume edition presents the quintessential Jack London with complete novels —...

Jack London on Adventure: Words of Wisdom from an Expert Adventurer

Jack London on Adventure

Words of Wisdom from an Expert Adventurer


Jack London was a writer, but more than that, he was an adventurer who wrote about his adventures....

Selected Novels Of Jack London: The Call of the Wild, The Sea-Wolf, and White Fang

Selected Novels Of Jack London

The Call of the Wild, The Sea-Wolf, and White Fang


The wilderness comes to life in Jack London’s timeless adventure stories. The Selected Novels of...

The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild is Jack London's most popular book and is considered by many to be his...

White Fang

Jack London's White Fang is the story of a wolf-dog's journey from wildness into becoming...

The Scarlet Plague

It is the year 2072, sixty years on from the scarlet plague that decimated the earth's...