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Karl Marx

This is one of the most respected books on Marx's philosophical thought. Wood explains Marx's views...

Karl Marx

  He was relatively unknown in his lifetime, but Karl Marx’s theories about society,...

Karl Marx: A Reader

This volume contains a selection of Karl Marx's most important writings.

Karl Marx: His Life and Work

Karl Marx

His Life and Work


First published in English in 1929, this is a reissue of Otto Rühle's comprehensive biography of...

Karl Marx

First published in 1975, this book provides an interpretative introduction to the political thought...

Karl Marx

Achille Loria was a well-known Italian political economist and this translation of his work presents...

Karl Marx

Marx's approach to analyzing society and especially his critique of capitalist society, continues to...

Karl Marx: Thoroughly Revised Fifth Edition

Karl Marx

Thoroughly Revised Fifth Edition

Isaiah Berlin, Henry Hardy and 2 more...

Isaiah Berlin's intellectual biography of Karl Marx has long been recognized as one of the best...

Karl Marx

A major biography of the man who, more than any other, made the twentieth century. Written by an...

Karl Marx: The Burden of Reason (Why Marx Rejected Politics and the Market)

Karl Marx

The Burden of Reason (Why Marx Rejected Politics and the Market)

Why did Karl Marx want to exclude politics and the market from his vision of a future socialism?...