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Crimes against Humanity: A Normative Account

Crimes against Humanity

A Normative Account


This book was the first booklength treatment of the philosophical foundations of international...

Aggression and Crimes Against Peace

In this volume, Larry May locates a normative grounding for the crime of aggression.

War Crimes and Just War

Argues that war crimes are best understood as crimes against humanness rather than violations of...

Genocide: A Normative Account


A Normative Account


Larry May examines the normative and conceptual problems concerning the crime of genocide.

Global Justice and Due Process

Examines due process as center stage in international law, especially in connection with legal black...

After War Ends: A Philosophical Perspective

After War Ends

A Philosophical Perspective


This is the first book-length treatment of justice after war ends. Larry May combines here both...

Contingent Pacifism: Revisiting Just War Theory

Contingent Pacifism

Revisiting Just War Theory


The first major philosophical treatment of contingent pacifism, offering an account of pacifism from...

The Cambridge Handbook of the Just War

A comprehensive exploration of contemporary debates in Just War Theory, addressing moral, political,...

Applied Ethics: A Multicultural Approach

Applied Ethics

A Multicultural Approach


This best-selling text continues to fill an existing gap in the literature taught in applied ethics...

Limiting Leviathan: Hobbes on Law and International Affairs

Limiting Leviathan

Hobbes on Law and International Affairs

OUP Oxford (2013)

Thomas Hobbes wrote extensively about law, was strongly influenced by legal debates, and is...