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Tempted and Tried

Temptation and the Triumph of Christ

Crossway (2011)

Examines the wilderness temptations of Christ to underscore the cosmic scale of temptation, the...

The Kingdom of Christ

The New Evangelical Perspective

Crossway (2004)

Russell D. Moore explores how a "Kingdom" consensus among evangelicals led to their renewed...

Adopted for Life (Updated and Expanded Edition)

The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches

Crossway (2015)

In this practical book, Moore highlights the importance of adoption for all Christians, encouraging...


What Joseph of Nazareth Can Teach Us about This Countercultural Choice

Crossway (2015)

Looking to Joseph’s adoption of Jesus as a model, this short book encourages readers to view...


This volume of Bertrand Russell's  Collected Papers finds Russell focused on writing Principia...

The Original Jesus

Trading the Myths We Create for the Savior Who Is


This fresh look at ten "Americanized" views of Jesus reveals him not as a deity we can...


Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel


Jesus is alive. Let's act like it. Let's follow him, onward to the future.

The Storm-Tossed Family

How the Cross Reshapes the Home


Bestselling author Russell Moore teaches readers—every one of whom is in a family in one way or...

Crossway (2014)

Responding to the “pop” atheism trend, DeWitt challenges high school and college students to...

Organizing Cools the Planet

Tools and Reflections on Navigating the Climate Crisis

PM Press (2011)

Organizing Cools The Planet weaves together stories, analysis, organizing tools, and provocative...