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Synopsis of Sleep Medicine

Here is a unique resource that provides a comprehensive and highly readable summary of the basic...

Sleep and Mental Illness

This comprehensive volume provides clinicians with a better understanding of the correlation between...

Primary Care Sleep Medicine: A Practical Guide

Primary Care Sleep Medicine – A Practical Guide was among the first books to address sleep medicine...

Neuroendocrine Correlates of Sleep/Wakefulness
Springer US (2010)

As the title suggests, and unlike other existing books on sleep medicine, Neuroendocrine Correlates...

Primary Care Sleep Medicine: A Practical Guide
Humana Press (2007)

Primary Care in Sleep Medicine: A Practical Guide, edited by James F. Pagel and S. R. Pandi-Perumal,...

Clinical Atlas of Polysomnography

Written for sleep technologists, Clinical Atlas of Polysomnography provides basic information...

Neurochemistry of Sleep and Wakefulness

An exceptional, single source of information on the genetics of sleep and wakefulness.

Principles and Practice of Geriatric Sleep Medicine

Focuses on the clinical diagnoses and management of sleep disorders. A valuable resource for all...

Sleep and Psychosomatic Medicine
CRC Press (2007)

Psychosomatic illness can generally be considered as physical illnesses that are believed to be...