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International Rule of Law and Professional Ethics

This book examines an interesting and relatively understudied area of the evolution of the...

The Implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

In December 2015, 196 parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)...

The Security Council as Global Legislator

Security Council resolutions have undergone an important evolution over the last two decades. While...

Ethical Values and the Integrity of the Climate Change Regime

This book investigates the ethical values that inform the global carbon integrity system, and...

Human Rights Regimes in the Americas

The Americas have witnessed considerable progress in the field of human rights. Although painful...

Building Trust in Government: Innovations in Governance Reform in Asia

Building Trust in Government

Innovations in Governance Reform in Asia

The ability of governments and the global community to achieve the Millennium Development Goals,...

Engaging Civil Society: Emerging Trends in Democratic Governance

Engaging Civil Society

Emerging Trends in Democratic Governance

The rapid pace of globalization has led to the increasing interdependence of member states of the...

Access to International Justice

There is much debate about the scope of international law, its compatibility with individual state...

Emotions in International Politics: Beyond Mainstream International Relations

Emotions in International Politics

Beyond Mainstream International Relations


This book investigates collective emotions in international politics, with examples from 9/11 and...

Democracy in the South: Participation, the State and the People

Democracy in the South

Participation, the State and the People

Traditionally, studies on democracy have focused on the orthodox so-called Northern models of...