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Oxygen Sensing: Responses and Adaption to Hypoxia

Oxygen Sensing

Responses and Adaption to Hypoxia

CRC Press (2003)

Reviewing research on the molecular basis of oxygen homeostasis, this text describes the changes in...

Oxygen Sensing: Molecule to Man

Oxygen Sensing

Molecule to Man

Springer US (2006)

Proceedings of the XIVth International Symposium on Arterial Chemoreception, held June 24-28, 1999,...

Arterial Chemoreception: From Molecules to Systems

Arterial Chemoreception

From Molecules to Systems


Arterial chemoreceptors are unique structures which continuously monitor changes in arterial blood...

Translational Research in Environmental and Occupational Stress

Cutting edge technologies can propel a simple finding in basic science to a concept that can be of...

Arterial Chemoreceptors in Physiology and Pathophysiology

Every three years, the International Society for Arterial Chemoreception (ISAC) arranges a Meeting...

Arterial Chemoreceptors: New Directions and Translational Perspectives

Arterial Chemoreceptors

New Directions and Translational Perspectives

This volume contains reviews and brief research articles from participants attending the...