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Characterizing Pedagogical Flow

An Investigation of Mathematics and Science Teaching in Six Countries


Characterizing Pedagogical Flow presents conclusions from a multi-disciplinary, multi-national...

A Splintered Vision

An Investigation of U.S. Science and Mathematics Education


A Splintered Vision: An Investigation of U.S. Science and Mathematics Education is the US report...

Many Visions, Many Aims

Volume 2: A Cross-National Investigation of Curricular Intensions in School Science

W.H. Schmidt, S. Raizen and 3 more...

PREFACE The Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), sponsored by the...

Facing the Consequences

Using TIMSS for a Closer Look at U.S. Mathematics and Science Education


Facing the Consequences presents a perspective on US mathematics and science education that is...

According to the Book

Using TIMSS to investigate the translation of policy into practice through the world of textbooks


How are curriculum policies translated into opportunities to learn in the classroom? According to...

Münsteraner Sachverständigengespräche

Beurteilung und Begutachtung von Gelenkschäden

E. Brug, W.H.M. Castro and 13 more...
Steinkopff (2013)

Die Sachverständigengespräche, ausgerichtet durch das Orthopädische Weiterbildungsinstitut Münster...