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Peace and Quiet: Book 4

Can this family keep the peace when they're cooped up together underground? The days are getting...

The Meeting: Book 1

Grub, Bristle, and Ginger agree on only one thing: badgers and foxes cannot be friends. But when...

A Hubbub: Book 2

Now that Ginger Fox and her mother are living with the Badgers, life just isn't the same. Ginger's...

What a Team!: Book 3

Is teamwork impossible for these brothers and sisters? Badger brothers Grub and Bristle want to...

The Carnival: Book 5

Can badgers and foxes get through a long, hard winter together? Badgers like to plan for the future....

The Wild Cat: Book 6

Ginger the fox can't wait to see Sylvester the Wild Cat, who puts on daring shows across the forest....

Will You Still Love Me, If . . . ?
minedition (2013)

Catherine Leblanc is the author of many books for children including How to Demolish Dinosaurs ...