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Some Danger Involved: A Novel
Touchstone (2004)

An atmospheric debut novel set on the gritty streets of Victorian London, Some Danger Involved ...

The Limehouse Text: A Novel
Touchstone (2006)

In The Limehouse Text, Barker and Llewelyn discover a pawn ticket among the effects of Barker's...

The Hellfire Conspiracy: A Novel
Touchstone (2007)

In the latest adventure in what is "fast becoming one of the genre's best historical-mystery series"...

Fatal Enquiry: A Barker & Llewelyn Novel

Fatal Enquiry

A Barker & Llewelyn Novel


Brimming with wit, atmosphere, and unforgettable characters, FATAL ENQUIRY reintroduces private...

An Awkward Way to Die: A Barker & Llewelyn Short Story

An Awkward Way to Die

A Barker & Llewelyn Short Story


An original never-before-seen Barker and Llewelyn short story: includes 7 FREE CHAPTERS of OLD...

To Kingdom Come: A Novel
Touchstone (2010)

When a bomb destroys the recently formed Special Irish Branch of Scotland Yard, all fingers point to...

Anatomy of Evil: A Barker & Llewelyn Novel

Anatomy of Evil

A Barker & Llewelyn Novel


“Readers rejoice and scoundrels take heed—the streets of Victorian London just got a little safer....

Hell Bay: A Barker & Llewelyn Novel

Hell Bay

A Barker & Llewelyn Novel


At the request of Her Majesty’s government, private enquiry agent Cyrus Barker agrees to take on his...

Old Scores: A Barker & Llewelyn Novel

Old Scores

A Barker & Llewelyn Novel


When a Japanese diplomat is murdered and Cyrus Barker is the prime suspect, Barker and sidekick...

Blood Is Blood: A Barker & Llewelyn Novel

Blood Is Blood

A Barker & Llewelyn Novel


A bombing injures private enquiry agent Cyrus Barker, leaving it up to his soon-to-be-married junior...