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Who: The A Method for Hiring


The A Method for Hiring

In this instant New York Times Bestseller, Geoff Smart and Randy Street provide a simple,...

Clinical Guidelines for Withdrawal Management and Treatment of Drug Dependence in Closed Settings

These WHO guidelines are designed to assist staff of closed settings to provide safe and effective...

Protection from Exposure to Second-hand Smoke: Policy Recommendations

Scientific evidence has firmly established that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand...

WHO Global Report on Falls Prevention in Older Age: Prevention in Older Age

The WHO Falls Prevention for Active Ageing model provides an action plan for making progress in...

Cancer Control: Knowledge into Action

Cancer Control

Knowledge into Action


The World Health Organization estimates that 7.6 million people died of cancer in 2005 and 84...

Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment (ETAT): Manual of Participants and Facilitator Guide

Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment (ETAT)

Manual of Participants and Facilitator Guide


Deaths in hospital often occur within 24 hours of admission. Many of these deaths could be prevented...

Exposure Assessment of Microbiological Hazards in Food: Guidelines

Exposure assessment is one of the four steps of microbiological risk assessment, which include...

Management of Common Health Problems of Drug Users

Primary health care for drug users aims to promote health by providing a comprehensive...

International Travel and Health 2010: Situation as on 1 January 2010

International Travel and Health 2010

Situation as on 1 January 2010


More than 900 million international journeys were undertaken in 2008. Global travel on this scale...

Guidelines for Medicine Donations: Revised 2010

This 3rd edition of Guidelines for medicine donations has been developed by the World Health...